No DUI Colorado
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Colorado Office of Behavioral Health
Christine Flavia, Manager
DUI Services Program
(303) 866-7496

Colorado State Judicial
Susan Colling, Juvenile Probation Specialist
Division of Probation Services
(720) 625-5767

Colorado Department of Revenue
Ted Trujillo, Operations Director
DMV Driver Control
(303) 205-8419

Colorado Department of Transportation
Glenn Davis, Highway Safety Manager
Office of Transportation Safety
(303) 757-9462

A person's blood-alcohol level is the result of a complex interaction of weight, gender, alcohol consumed and time. Any amount of alcohol will impair your ability to drive or operate other machinery.
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Weight (lbs)
Drinks Consumed
(12oz beer or equivalent)
Over Time Period
No DUI Colorado
No DUI Colorado
No DUI Colorado

No DUI Colorado